Run for It

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I be comin' up wit da glock toy

You can stop boy

You ain't heard I'm off tha block boy

Chipp pedy chop boy

Off in ya cut is where I'm layin

Ready fo' sprayin'

Soon as I see yo face and hand

I ain't wit dat playin'

My daddy showed me how to play it in a situation

My daddy tol' me I ain't shit wit outta occupation

So I played the game

Bust yo head if you said my name

I had some of deez niggaz scared I came

I kno' some niggaaz out tha (mag)nolia that'll ride fo' me

I kno' some niggaz hollin' solja dat a die fo' me

T.C., L.B. Magnolia ?????????????????????

Oh you want some of dat fire dope you can score in da bricks

You disrespectin' my mind 'cause you keep comin' short

I might hitcha wit dat iron 'cause you need ta be taught

You keep showing yo teeth 'cause you thank its a joke

You mus thank deez bullets ain't real and you ain't gon git smoke


Now if ya at dat second line and dem boyz gotta gun

You betta run for it, run for it, run

And if ya too deep in some beef and dem boyz bout ta come

You betta run for it, run for it, run

If ya ain't gotta strap but cho enemy got one

You betta run for it, run for it, run

And if you git into it wit a cash money brotha

You betta run for it, run for it, run

(Lil Wayne)

I be in ??? Lex some times

Sometimes I be jumpin out trees in camouflage

Me and Juvenile got two keys we bout ta ride

Dem boyz playin wit da U.P.T. well dey gots to die

Man its that deep

It's a tragedy

That you can test me

Heard I run in houses ?????????????????????????????

Hell look boy you betta tell deez niggaz

Fo' I mask up and try ta kill deez niggaz

You'ont' want my stress troubles

I be back in 2 hummers and 5 lex-bubbles

Wa my big brother Juvy

Tol' me not to eva letta nigga screw me

Tol' me if I eva did he would do me

Gave me two guns and sent me round dey shootin'

And then they start runnin'

Hardest niggaz on tha block started actin like a woman

Tha 4-foot stranger in ya area bustin'

Load it up and slide it in

Cock it back pop it out we ridin

??? ? I'll run in a busta spot

I'll sit on a busta porch

I'll sleep on a busta block

Apply five and then let go

!Bang! ???????????????????????????????

Motha-flirk see I'ont' curse

But'll wet up yo shirt

Look all my enemy's see me comin

All my enemy's peeeeeeeeeuuuunggggggghhhhh be runnin'



You thank I'm playin-a somthin Lil Woo dey' I ain't trippin'

Tha beef started last week and dem niggaz still be hittin'

Two children got killed and a ol' lady got hit

Look I'm bout ta git tha fuck 'cause I ain' got no time fo' dis shit

Now you can be comin' through

And runnin to a gun if you feel

That they ain't gon' do you shit 'cause ya real

I'ont' want to be witcha when its hapning either

I probally be some where ducked off takin a nap wit my people

I'd rather see it on T.V. than see it in person

Having my fucking' head hurtin'

When dem 30's be burstin'

Bet if yo beef see ya he ain't gon wait fo' ya dog

Our all gon' try to rearrange ja face fo' ya dog

2nd line and round dem clubs ain't no place fo ya dog

Dem same niggaz you come up wit playa-hatin ya dog

I see em comin wit choppers and I know they gon' bust

Lil' Wayne hol' up

We kiting out sho' nuff'

(Chorus) 2x

Run for it

Ya betta run for it, run for it

Ya betta run for it, run for it

Go git cha gun for it

Ya betta run for it, run for it, run

Run for it, run for it, run, run for it

Run for it, run, run for it, run for it, run

Get cha gun for it , gun for it, gun

Get cha gun for it gun for it


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