Lisa Left Eye Lopes

Space Cowboy (Yippie-Yi-Yay)

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Here it comes
And everybody's talkin' about
Is this the beginning
Or beginning of the end?
Well I've got other thoughts my friends
See, I've got my eyes on the skies
The heavenly bodies of light
And if you're in the mood to take a ride
Then strap on the suit and get inside

If you wanna fly
Come and take a ride
Take a space ride with a cowboy, baby
If you wanna fly
Come and take a ride
Take a space ride with a cowboy, baby

We don't need all these prophecies
Telling us what's inside
Cause paranoia ain't the way
To live your life from day to day
So leave your doubts and your fears behind
Don't be afraid at all
Cause up in outer space there's no gravity to fall
Put your mind and your body to the test
Cause up in outer space is like a wild wild west


[Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes]
Sonic boom and never let you try to stop me
You wanna fly sky high up to the top see
No need to fear no doubts and no tears
Millennium sound will motivate the future years
And you've been hit to be scared
Or get prepared against all odds
I'll bet you never would've dared
To make these moves
And take flight like me
To come through for the world prophecy
Space connect to overthrow your interception
Ready or not make it hot there ain't no question
Or get in sync and put your head to the sky
Keep the faith one love from Left Eye

[Chorus: x2]


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