Project Pat

Trap Boom

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I make the trap boom boom [Repeat: x4]
I got soft, I got hard, I got pills, I got bars [Repeat: x2]
I make the trap boom boom [Repeat: x4]
I got soft, I got hard, I got pills, I got bars [Repeat: x2]

Rocks under in my balls, pistol up in my draws
A bird a blow, and cable break quarters and halves off
The blow is coming through, this ain't a casino but I'm your dealer
Dro in my challenger, like Al Pacino and stop this nigga
The jack boys talk a lot of noise but on the real'a
Got some killers posted up, every door fingers on trigger
Heroin is so intense, the syrup going by the ounce
Put some money in my hand, cop it good then I'ma bounce

See I ain't the nigga that was up at 5 o'clock sellin' no rocks
I'm that nigga that was out at midnight just to drop off a block
In a tinted out Maxima they low keying quick
Snortin' up the door, with a glock and a truck full of bricks
I make the trap boom boom, without even trouchin' it
As for my black hatinzolas, I'm just supplyin' it
I went to Key West and picked it up back in Memphis broke it up
Call my nigga Errol and Chris then we split it up


His dope sales are up, a nigga feel embellished
His pockets swellin' up cause of everything he's sellin'
The heat is on the street bout niggas gettin' jealous
The choppers on the seat to cut you up like relish
The hood ain't change cause these niggas still tellin'
To lock this nigga up, a two time felon
This boy ain't bullshittin' he'll kick in doors and kill 'em
And hide them bodies good so you cant even smell 'em
We nigga rich and ignorant so fuck who in your click
This gangsta life he livin' it so fuck your wife and your kids
These janky niggas out on the town I hope they know the biz
To all you faro taddletails swap out where you live


You know the worst thing about sellin' dope
Is that 80 percent of black people in jail
Cause of drugs, domestic violence, and murder
So you should think about that, get your life together my nigga


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