Up Falling Rock Hill

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Up Falling Rock Hill where the leaves swoop like bats
I shot my brother William five times in the back
"Have mercy, have mercy, dear brother," he cried
But the wind has no mercy and neither did I

I watched as his blood ran through the damp grass
I watched as the black ants crawled through his hands
Up Falling Rock Hill, the wind softly moaned
And down, down came I with blood on my clothes

Cicadas were hissing and the whippoorwill called
But the earth didn't open and the sky didn't fall

'Round Falling Rock Hill the wind softly moans
And black ants, they crawl 'cross my dear brother's bones
Wild red roses tangle the grass
Where William, sweet William, his blood once ran

Through the dead leaves I walk marked with blood
And wherever I step, the night creatures run
Cicadas are hissing and the whippoorwill calls
But the earth doesn't open and the sky doesn't fall

The earth doesn't open and the sky doesn't fall

Autor(es): Brett Sparks, Rennie Sparks

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