New Beginning Intro

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Yeah, I'm ready to do it all over
My heart colder, hip-hop I'm part owner
Southern rap specialist, verses intelligent
Elegant, it's Ludacris, don't ever question my relevance
No pun intended, if no one's offended, get offended
Don't get it twisted, guns can get extended
Ready to die for my respect, my value, my worth
Unequivocal, lyrical beast on every fuckin' verse

I throw the curse just to stretch the emotions
Somebody said I'm washed up, I told 'em pass me the lotion
'Cause the industry's dryin' up and these verses are moisturizer
Then hand me your favorite rapper and Luda will posterize him
I'm dunkin' over you critics, dozin' off when I'm spittin'
My fans locked behind these bars, I put my life in a sentence
Good riddance, I wake 'em up if they step to the plate
'Cause sleep's the cousin of death and I could never relate

See the only people I owe my loyalty to are the ones who made me question it.
Loyalty goes both ways but never push a loyal person
To the point when they no longer give a fuck.
There comes a time in life where you walk away
From all the drama and the people who create that shit.
Destroy what destroys you!
You'll never see all the great things ahead
If you keep looking at all the bad things behind you.
They say the hardest things in life is know
Which bridge to cross and which ones to burn.
So may the bridges I burn light yo motherfuckin' way!
(So what's the number one cause of all these problems?)