Some South Shit

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Hell yeah, A-town, LUDA
Ahh, whoo!

She said she was a stripper but she wanted to rhyme
And if I gave her a deal she make her legs stretch back to her spine
I told her hit the treadmill, 'til she run out of time
And in the eve no doubt, she was blowin my mind

I'm from the A-town, put 'em through a GA course
'Cause "it's all in the game" like EA Sports
From scams and money grams, there's unions that want to wire me
"You think you know but really don't" - put it in your "Diary"

I'm quick to knock 'em out, they comin in three spurts
I do like Spielberg and see that yo' DreamWorks
My weed is all lavender, my drink is blue
My gat'll, Poke-a-Man , it's the Pikachu

Luda give 'em new perm, now they hair is wet
And they don't want to get on top, cause they scared of heights
So if you Wonderwoman BITCH I'm the Wondermack pro
So shut up and gimme that Thundercat HOOOO

[Chorus: x 2]
When you fuckin with Ryders, in the "are" we trust
If you make a false move then these things gon' bust
And when it comes to these bitches, you know how it goes
We don't trust these hooooes

She said she won't, take it off unless there's money involved
I told why'all hold the stack and give hundred a call
I referred to when you pissy drunk, blunted and all
Tellin me she humpin harder than why'aaaall

Got got - three niggaz just diggin these balls
And all three really won't see why'all
Outside, in the burgandy Bird
Ruff Rydin puffin the herb, discussin the curb

She said she from B.K.
And I did it "my way, all day" like B.K., no more need say
So Fiend playa, you know I'm busy countin some cash
Then bouncin up on some ass

Better yet, think I'm on some extendable hash
You really want to fall in ya glass
She chose me, pimp nigga like we chose to be rich
Double-are then stole ya bitch


[Yung Wun]
Hah, I say you better move now for a week in Montana
Then slick 'em without drinks for I drink in Colorado
This chick yesterday said she leavin tomorrow
I'm tryin to fuck her mouth tonight cause she leavin tomorrow

The only thing she act stupid's bout my lady at home
Lie to my lady at home, got my baby at home
Man, I was on some shit like 'Kiss, is we "Fuckin' or What?"
If you don't want to get a room, we can fuck in the truck

We can cut to a bitch, but don't piss me off
You don't mean that to me shorty, I'll piss in your mouth
I'm a violent - boy, whylin boy
Playa hater close your legs, I want no lip girl