The Yam

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Come on and hear the yam man cry
Any yam today?
The sweet potatoes that he'll fry
Will be yam today

The little step that you see him do
With every yam that he sells to you
It's something that you ought to try
Come and yam today

Come get what I've got
It will hit the spot
Get your sweet and hot

Come on and shake your depression
And let's have a yam session

There's that long note
One, two, three, yam
Every orchestra in America
Will be doing the yam

I didn't come to do the Charleston
I didn't come to Bell the Jack
I didn't come to do The Suzy-Q
Or do the Bottom they call Black

I didn't come to do Big Apple
I didn't come to do the Shag
But honey, here I am to do the yam
'Cause the yam is in the bag


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