We Go On

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I took the long way home
But it led to the same apartment
Where no one's paid the phone bill
And no one really cares
When will that road
Go somewhere beautiful
And somewhere safe?

'Cause around here everybody's
Trying to find someone to be
Every guy's trying to find respect
In the eyes of a girl
Who just wants to be loved
We're children playing with guns
Children playing with hearts

And we go on

We drive out of the city
Sometimes you've just got to leave
And scream out at the dark night
Hoping we believe what we believe
Cause it all seems too simple
And it all seems too wild

And our question grow in number
And their answers loom with fear
But still we ask and we trust you
Because you've held us here
With chains of grace and longing
Longing to be loved and longing to be known

And we go on

All this reaching, still no grasping
Faith is there but time is passing
Are the answers in the asking
Where the weak become the strong?

All I want is to be someone
All I want it to be real
All I want is to feel alive
All I want is to be with you
I don't know what I think that means
I want an awful lot it seems

And we go on


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