Dear Mr. President

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[Master P]

Dear Mr. President i live in the hood

Where people live bad

But say its all good

And my homies slanging and robbing

Caught a misdemeanor felonies

We can't survive it

And three strikes niggas out it

But we don't give a fuck cause niggas down here bout it bout it

One nation in god we trust

But then you say Saddam ain't gon fuck with us


Now you see how we feel

Niggas set trip, ride and gang bang

that's how they get killed

You run from the press

We run from killers and jackers

And wear bullet proof vest

Some say the president like weed and hoes

Down here it's young niggas riding sixes with o's, got

Terrorist wantin to blow you away,

I got niggas in the ghetto wantin to take my place

You got secret service

Roamin the streets

I got a bunch of no limit niggas ridin with me


Dear mr. president (mr.president)

My letter to the president, the president

(repeat 2x)


Dear mr president

Mama just lost her job

Daddy just got paid, coming home he was robbed

Landlord giving us three days to disappear

Santa Claus missed our house this year

You got the white house

Protected by the government killers

We got the crack house

Protected by them neighborhood dealers

Opportunity ain't never knocked

And they be locking niggas up for slangin petty rocks

If you could answer my questions i wouldn't stress

That's why a nigga smoke crack, snort coke

And hit the weed when they stress me

Niggas die in the ghetto

Put they face on a shirt

White folks get killed and its a city wide search

Go and holler at a nigga when you need a vote

My lil homie got twenty for weed and coke

Nigga cross my heart and hope to die

I'm begging for change but only you can take the tears out my people's


(Chorus) repeat four times