Bojangles of Harlem

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Ask anyone up Harlem way
Who that guy Bojangles is.
They may not know who's president,
But ask 'em who Bojangles is.

He's in the most entrancin' business,
It's what they call the "dancin' business",
When there's a beat
Up on the street,
Brother, you go and bet all your dough!
Sister, you know!
That ain't no one but Bo!

Oh! Bojangles of Harlem,
You dance such hot stuff!
Young folks love you in Harlem,
They say you've got stuff!
Tough guys rumba out of poolrooms
And kids start "truckin'" out of schoolrooms!

Oh! Bojangles of Harlem!
The whole town's at your heels!
Leaving their flats,
Missing their meals!
Running like rats,
Going astray,
Throw those long legs away!


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