Don't Sweat It

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[Snoop Dogg]can Somebody Say The West Coast?heheheh, It's Time To Get Gangsta One Time My Niggalarenz, Bring That Shit In For Me Cuzyeah... You Are Now About To Witnessthe Strength, Of Gangsta Music, Beotch! {*echoes*}oh Yeah, This Is What We Does Cuzso All You Imitators, Get Back! Get Back! {*echoes*}
[Daz]make Room For The Dope Dealer, Pimp And The Gangstai'm A Dogg, Baby Girl That's My Naturedon't Be A Stranger, Get Your Head Knocked Offjust For Bein Scary On The Contrary What I possess Is Necessaryfrom The Scratch Whip It Up, Baking Soda, Yolait's Real Here Homey And I Come From The Shoulderi'm A Dogg Pound Original, Subliminal Criminalit Goes Me Bein An Individual, So Invisibleand Sensible, Thinkin That Your Shit Get Thought Upnow You're In A World Of Heat, That's When You're Caught Upbrought Up Around Marks And Bustersain't No G'ness, This Is The Reason Why I Kept Itdaz Dilli', Mac Milli' Stay On Deckwith A Proper Dose, Got To Connect - You Know It's West Coasthome Of The Gun Smoke, Now You Knowso Get Your Vest Homeboy Cause We 'bout To Blow
[Chorus: Snoop Dogg]o.G. Don't Sweat It, On The Real Don't Sweat Iti Swear They Gon' Get It, I Swear They Gon' Get Iti Don't Know Why They Said It, But They Never Shoulda Said Itshoot 'em In The Face And Leave They Ass Half-Headedshells Embedded, Read It, Red Itlead It, Wet It, Get It...doctors Can't Save Him From Gettin Itd.P.G.C. Nigga Don't Ever Fo'get It
[Rbx]fuck What They Said And Fuck What You Hearddogg Pound Gangsta, Nigga That's The Wordact Like You Know Us, I Know You Doback, All In Your Face Like Boo~!the Iller Killer Like Thrilla In Manillathe D-Roc Keep Snow Like Caterpillarseems You Better Duck When The Ooh Heat Rollin"anybody Killa" Mean Everybody Deadget That, For What It's Worthbig Guns, Big Funds Represent This Turf (L.B.C.)some Scream The West But Don't Rep It Rightso When It's Time To Step They Come Steppin Lightif They Step At All, Powlead Slide Through They Thinkin Cap, They Fallwhat You Was Thinkin Cap?with All That Gangsta Fantasy In Your Stinkin Rap[Chorus]
[Kurupt]nigga, Kurupt - Kurupt's Beyond The Starsever Since 17 When I Was Liftin Carscame In This Motherfucker Just To See Who You Arei'm Sturdy As Mountains, Rhymes Float Like Canoesrivers And Fountains, I'm High As Eaglesdogg Pound Gangstas Livin Life Illegalyou Want The 9, The K Or The Eagleeither One You Choose, Niggaz Liftin Out They Shoesprayin Mayne, It's A War To Step In The Doortentacles Stretch Across The Wall And Floori'm.. I'm.. I'm Off That White Arviendo{?}i Silence Your Homies And Shatter Your Windowstake A Look At My Secret Windowcause I Got A Secret Your Life Depend Onkurupt, Young Hannibalmy Mind Got Me Feelin Like Firin Iron[Chorus][Outro]wa-Oooh, Wa-Ooohooh-Ooh-Oohwa-Oooh, Wa-Ooohooh-Ooh-Oohwa-Oooh, Wa-Oohhooh-Ooh-Oohwa-Oooh, Wa-Oohhooh-Ooh-Oo


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