Mack 10

No D**k at All

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[Verse 1: Mack 10]
I`d be like damn! This s*** is unbelievable (What?!)
Now a days - ah n**** can`t even bust a hoe
Just like this one broad I seen her on my show (Uh-huh!)
The b**** called herself Mack see-1-0 (Damn!)

Then the gangsta boogie on rock and throwin bows (Whoa!)
Man, this b**** eat more ca**ie and conrows
I told her next time, let the p**** get it drippin
B****, puts some dick in your life, now quit trippin (Haha!)

She said " Motherf*** you, I`m takin it and I`m strong
I don`t wan` no dick, all I need is a cool tongue " (Oh s***)
I said " Well I`ll be damn, this one is gon` too far
You hoes got liquor ices like a neighborhood bar "

Plus all this twist it s*** just bad for your health
Now b****, what the f*** named you over your freaky self
She said " Cause I so - I tote for free
if you want your b**** - keep a a** away from me ", ya heard me

[Chorus: x2]
She said she wan` no dick at all
She said she rather lick `em click and balls

[Verse 2: Skoop Delania]
Now tell me what I gotta do to get the kick?
Without the bulls*** like a dick is for bittin
What a deal here you rather go chick on chick
With no dick when you f***in? Just click to click

I should read between the line but I was buggin and s***
By thinkin a pears tongue wants a suckin a dick
Yeah you had me fool a turch go where you say
But we [unknown] P.I. peanuts everythang

They tellin me about your man he was first in your last
Now demansion all the drag how we hurt you in your past (Awww!)
And now female the D6 the tits in ya knees
'Cause n****s al-ways got a trick up off they sleeves (yeah deep dick)

But on the real though is the askin is still no
But you rather have a hoe strap on dildo (Oh s***, what is that?)
Basically the broads act like ain`t missin a dick
But they rather bump up each other c*** just lay up and lick
Damn! - ain`t that some f***ed up s***!

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 3: E-40]
(I smell that, Mack dime, Mack dime)
I say a woman can please woman and the the man can please a woman
The woman knows what woman like? But I don`t believe the hype(hype)
I done ran across this type I done duck off of the few dice

I done made of ruler be thinkin plumber and a lay pipe (what else?)
I used to think of her about a year and half ago (Yooo!)
How we contramatic like a water and ? Mexico (Mexico)
Cracker say that! oh I used to lake that

I pulled her panty to the side to let her take a ride (ride)
Right b****es, All Night b****es, Fight b****es
On the middle of we all together b****es
Suck around and turn the party out

[unknown] corner over to retaliate cowards be out
Now that`s a rib out - the whole protect it Pow
Hotta Pow, lexible a - allegible
Irresistible called kiss a pow
N**** you tryin anything to get, you try sexual (you try sexual, what?!)

[Chorus: x4]