Mack 10


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Bitch you can miss me with that, and in fact
You can sell it from the escort service to the track
I'm like old school snoop, "I don't love them hoes"
And I don't care if its a blizzard, bitch hoe till ya froze
I throw a bitch in the game head first like a diver
'Cause big daddy is a gangsta and a Bentley driver
I hit all fifty states with ass to grab
'Cause 1-0 a motherfucker with the gift-of-gab
Square niggaz relax it ain't no need for simpin'
Shit your girl ain't missin' she just hangin' with pimpin'
See she had room to grow like a be in a d-cup
I told her "now shake that mustard bitch and ketcup"
Now you my first Asian hoe to you I'm a dream
But disobey, yo name is wunthong, y'all for the team
Now sell ya ass like crack and pussy niggaz is payin'
Now hit the track and turn tricks and have 'em payout and weigh em

Please, don't you leave me lonely
(Shut the fuck up bitch and get my money)
Please, don't you leave me lonely
(Please my ass bitch get my cash)
Please, don't you leave me lonely
(Bitch I turn lost hoes into boss hoes)
Please, don't you leave me lonely
(State to state, city to city, titty to titty bitch)

I might be young but I do know the game I'm not new to this
As soon as you trip, roll out for actin' ludicrous
I start callin' out bitch slow down she was a lunatic
I told her plenty of times I think you losin' it
I hope I don't have to shoot the bitch
That's comin' straight from the heart
'Cause I told her the real nigga straight from the start
I'm through with your ass and please believe you got a replacement
And about the situation it ain't no conversation in it

Bitch, you was just somethin' to do know that
Plus your mental fit the description of how a hoe acts
It musta been the life in the fast lane
'Cause you was overwhelmed with how fast the cash came
The pussy was bomb for that you stuck around
All the while you knew my style and now I fucked around
You know, how I treat hoes, I pick and I choose
Thinkin' I move, but yo ass singin' them blues like


You know how it goes
I bomb one hoe and know a whole row of hoes like domino's
Bitch, know what I mean?
I need satisfact with a chain reaction
Bitch when it come to bustin a hoe
I'm motherfuckin' twenty below
Bitch that's cold as a motherfucker
My nigga cam say
"Hoe's like colors, and every bitch want to be led to a pot of gold"
So my niggaz ya gotta look like a rainbow to do that shit
Ya dig?