I Get Money

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Hey heh, hey heh
I'm gettin' money on the streets
You n-ggas don't know how to eat
I turn a diamond to a dollar
If you know how to hustle nigga holla
I do it how I does it
I get it from my cousin
And you know who I am
Homie it don't really matter what you say
Say eh, say eh, say eh
Bitch I'm gettin' money

We the business
Coming through shining
Blew a couple of hundreds
Big timing all the time, nigga been stuntin'
Pearl white Maybach, nigga spent a mill
Bugatti for 2, on the hill
Shining with my strap in my right pocket
Hundred thousand a day on that sky rocket
From round the block doing this shit round the clock
Million dollar nigga doing this sh-t non-stop
Swagged out, big dogging on a private flight
Popping bottles, celebrating living life
Blowing big, freelander down ?
YMCMB nigga, rich gang


Ugh, big dawg shit nigga
I'm on my feet like dog shit nigga
Tell 'em hatin' n-ggas miss me with that hatin' shit
And tell them bitches, my dick got a waiting list
I ain't trippin' nigga I'm just taking trips
Put the money on the trampoline and make it flip
Young mack, stupid mack ?
I just bought a coupe, the roof is translucent
Pockets on etc, money talk bullsh-t, walk like George Jefferson
Virgins they ain't fucking with us
Young money cash money
Fuck them other n-ggas


If I ain't getting money, than I'm getting p-ssy
I don't play with you p-ssies get a silver bullet
I know you looking so how I look
I don't fuck with n-ggas, call me George Bush
It's tunechi baby, the money man
The money talks, now I understand
That chopper make a nigga do the running man
I would take a girl and turn her p-ssy to a punching bag
I'ma stunt my ass off, bitch that's word to stunna man
School these bitch ass n-ggas, you are undergrad
The world is in my hand, smack the shit out you with my other hand
Young money, cash money, welcome to wonderland