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There is a time for healing
There is a time for all purposes
under the sun
There's a time for laughter
There's a time to let go
And a time to hold on

So we are here, but why are we waiting
We are acting like dead men walking
The time has arrived
For us to rise
Joining our hands united together

This is our time to be strong
This is our time to rise up
To stand and be counted
This is our time to believe
To know in our God we are free
Let the world know to Him we belong

Lord capture our hearts now
Drown out the pleasures
and treasures that bind us
Give us Your courage
To be strong, to be brave
And to never back down

There's no time to lose
We can't be silent
In a world that is dying to find out the truth
We've got the hope
We've got the answer
Let's lay down our all
With reckless abandon


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