On a Sunday Afternoon

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Nobody's causing any trouble
Nobody's trying to pick a fight
We're all just soaking up this Sunday summer sun
Feeling glad to be alive

Ain't gonna worry bout tomorrow
And even less about today
We're gonna watch the light go down on the horizon
Let ev'ry moment slip away

Jesse tore up his apartment
Just why he wouldn't say
Now he sits there in his bedroom and he won't come out to play

Oh, yeah
It's a Sunday Afternoon
Got Cap'n Crunch and Reefer and old cartoons
When I get up tomorrow
It'll be too soon
We're lazing on a Sunday afternoon

The daily news keeps getting stranger
But medical Mary keeps me cool
They all used to say I'd be a failure but I'm breezin'
Although I know sometimes
I get a bit confused

Everybody needs a purpose
Some kind of driving force in life
I ain't gonna have the admiration of the world but I'm already famous in my mind

Martha hitched from San Francisco back to her parents' by the Bay
She's doin' mandalas and boxing at least that's what the doctors say

Oh yeah
It's a Sunday afternoon
Got Cap'n Crunch and Reefer and old cartoons
If the aliens are comin'
Hope they come soon
We're lazing on a Sunday afternoon

Autor(es): Brian Macleod, David Francis Baerwald, Larry Klein, Madeleine Peyroux, Patrick Warren

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