Love Solution

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Is love an illusion?
A game of the mind
Is there a solution
To what I can't hide
I'm not pretending
It's too hard to take
'Cause I'm not too trusting
I can't let love break me

You think I'm crazy?
But only for you?
I'm just too afraid of losing you
You think I'm faking
You can't understand why I'm breaking away from all this

Could this be the reason
To go through the day
It's all that you've needed
It's all that you've saved
But I'm still depending
On only just me
Avoiding the issue

The need to feel needed
You need me to explain the past
And how it makes me hard
And takes away my chance to be there for you
There are things I can't express
Even if I had the chance to find the strength that I have missed
So I could be there for you

Autor(es): J CLIFF

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