Madison Park

Nu Sensation

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I???m looking for a new sensation
I need a new salvation ??? for me
I???m heading in a new direction
I???ll need a new protection
To see me where I want to be
And I can take these steps on my own
But I???d rather not be alone
And I can tell you???d like to come along
It???s time to take on this new journey
I???m asking will you join me
You said you want to change the world around you
It must be fate I found you
So now it???s time to leave
You seem paralyzed
Sort of hypnotized
Since you???ve realized
Just how desensitized
You???ve become to the current ways of your world
It???s a fresh start in the right direction
Nothing but great expectations
You???ll see
Now together we???ll find new sensations
We???ll reach our destination, you and me


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