The Echo of Pleasure

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Locked in your bedroom, the others distracted
Like sisters in secret you asked
With unusual substance if I wished I could feel it
Like the first or the second time we met

A rush then desire, you cut me in
Though I knew I never was
Like you beautiful, like you born to rule
I can hear it still, faint and chill

The echo of pleasure can’t return
Just fade into these silent days
The echo of pleasure
I was young and sick with love
Now I’m sick with something else

The curve of your spine as you knelt to your idol
Hollow and holier you swore

It was only for pleasure, the rush then desire
You turned on me, though I knew I never was
Like you scared to live, like you full of shit
I can hear it still

That was then and this is nowhere
‘Cause you are nowhere near
And I can still hear
The echo of pleasure

Autor(es): Kip Berman

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