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(for nights, and days we blaze)

Inhale, don't it feel good?
Pass it around so we all could
Be on the same plain, I dwell amongst the clouds
Dream of other styles, captivate, (meditate)
Open a bag that hasn't been touched
A pile of bud, a sack of blunts
Get backwoods to get back, good

Number one cash drop
Five g's to drop
With no seeds to pop,
Time to recop,
Throw the stress in the trash can
As we laughin'
At the afghan
Of the herb I'm a fan
T-h-c, keep it all in me
Cant you see I'm
Gonna get some
Bubble gum
Been around the world like puffy
Puffin in exotic hot spots
(in exotic pot spots)

Spit from heaven above, hourly dove
She started from the seed to sex the female
Couldn't cut her, couldn't taste her till the hairs was half pale
Trade affiliated
Chillin' 96 degrees in the shade faded
And god bless my
D-j Ty
Keepin' my dubs wise
Pockets broke in size
Haterism on the rise
(no joke, man)

Lacin' up, tokin' herbals, tokin' verbals
Fuzzy like gerbals
Off the plant I pick it,
To the paper I stick it,
Fine lime fruity smell makes even straights wanna kick it,
Taste it,
Better organically grown, sun basted
I go batty batty batty
Burnt seats in the caddy
Due to 320 hollow florescent sodium
Clipped and transplanted
Females, have your eyes slanted
Iris burgundy,
Phasing in and out
With lots of laughs and a couple of blunts

Up the charts I'm scalin',
I got the bomb for you,
There's no need for hatin'
I got nugs you can hug like pimps
It don't mean a thing to me
Just don't double clutch,
Pass the stuff I know you had enough
Gettin' all freaky and stuff
Trees for breakfast, trees for lunch
Rockin' weed, kool aid punch, Nestle crunch
Crunch buds
Lots of love and peace sign
I feel fine

(for nights and days we blaze)

Hella zoned, hella blown
Hit up my man on the telephone
Fried, sky high
Bake for the day, fry now pay later
Comin' up on the superb herb
T-h-c powers
Got me higher than sears towers

Autor(es): Martinez, John / Robinson, Romye / Wilcox, Emandu Imani Rashaan / Murray, Trevant / Andrews, Sizwe / Campbell, Greg

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