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Beat, beats
Blingin' lights
No fights
Strictly the vibe
The hype shit
Packed with freaks with all types of tight shit
Glam or ous
No rush
Patiently waiting
For the perfected performance
With friends
I'm rolling blunts
Holding cups filled with hen
With ice
Feelin' nice
I've only been
To this spot twice
And it only gets
With time
But it woulda been 100 percent better
If I wasn't outside
All night standing on line
Trying to get in fo' free or less
Out side on line cause the homie
The homie got the wrong code address
Add it to the stress
Yea we got in but I can hardly see
Makin/ my way through the peoples
Like swimmin' through the sea
Damn the epitome
Cappatope E take it to a higher degree

Cipher, bound
Whats it like to (rough?) around
In the twenty one gun salute
Competition don't rest
Like a veteran in battle
Standing outside
In the line
Knees rattle
Heart beat sinks with the vibrations that fleet
From the harmonic corridors me and my party freakin' to
Ace that came before
Didn't even have the taste
The musi
The lights
Wait till they embrace
Love is doing a slow jam
Duck in the shadows
Wait for a change in the program
While I roll a gram point five
One fifty one got me spinnin' with the vibe
Barely got behind security we got the ride

Alright backup the guest list is closed
Yo homie I cant handle that
Man I got like forty bucks
And I could hook you up with a lil' weed
Aight kick it up twenty mo'
Man we straight?

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest
Whose the big baller
Run his shit in the terrace
Dream apparets
Wanted by sugar daddy derrace
He swishen off the ever clear
But we can see the clearess
I feel it a mile away
So baby let us come and let us give it
Roll me with those eyes again
I hope he understand
You wanna live out your fantasies
Out with another man
Flakin' on your girlfriends
Gettin' lost on carol Anne
And pull two guys
Rum and coke
Hold the ice
I believe they're all the price
The cover charge of living large
In between the social margin
They be paying the price
So you can be the superstar

Don't know if its perfect

Autor(es): Wilcox, Emandu Imani Rashaan / Robinson, Romye / Hardson, Trevant Jermaine

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