Ghetto Godzilla

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Here lizard lizard...

Master P:


Me and that nigga Mr. Magic together

We motherfucking bigger than life

Real niggas and bitches feel this

Real Soldiers gon' ride with me

Real killers gon' die with me

Real Soldiers gon' ride with me

Real killers gon' die with me

Look into these eyes of these thug niggas

Ex drug dealers love to plug niggas

Then we mug niggas

I know you fools want to get us

But we rough like some lizards plus we bigger than Godzilla

So motherfucking ? and bury garden

So I'm the fire to this party and I came to get it started

So buda bu shuda, throw your motherfucking set up

Niggas player hate, motherfuckers get wetter

Chorus: (x3)

Buckle up nigga, knuckle up nigga

Who am I? The ghetto godzilla


I'm gonna make it realest of real

For these niggas here ready to kill, bette guard your grill

Cause the weak get their caps peeled

Master P told me more money, more protection

So that's why when they signed me I got a tank and this ??

Many impotent families, but we don't give a fuck

We gonna put in our own work, want to try your fucking luck?

Knuckle up, buckle up, and try your heart nigga

We all rowdy and bout it bout it from the south nigga

Only the real can feel this, if you listen you can here us

Ghetto superstars, bigger than Godzilla

We got the world shaking, I hope y'all ready for me

Only my thug motherfuckers gonna ride with me

Chorus x4