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This for my niggas, 9th Ward bound
Cross the canal, and the CTC
I'm still thuggin' nigga, ha-ha
Ya heard me

Ain't nothing changed, still struggling trying to make an advance
I got a little loot, but I'm tired of spending hundreds of grands
I'm trying to blow a mill you feel me, never even missing
And me and my niggas have been rude, getting fitted
We destined to ball, we different from y'all
y'all like to shop, but we'd rather buy out the mall
Gots no friends, I gots to keep the fam with me
Has no pity gon bust bust, until empty
Out of love nigga, I...full of blood nigga
As somebody getting drugged nigga
I tried changing, but I guess this shit is deep in the blood
I guess that's why my mama calls me a thug, but still

Take a walk through my hood
And everything seems to be a-o.k
See my niggas on the block still hustling
Living life, day by day
Don't get mad at us, just understand
That that's the way, playas play
Society done showed us the money
And the cars, and made us this way

We forever be some hustlers, don't trust us
Because we motherfucking hustlers - 4x

Now you can call me greedy
But I envy niggas balling harder
Then up comes, the 9th Ward shit starter
I'm the definition, it don't gets no clearer
Genuine, hundred percent, thug nigga
Full of fire, try me feel my flames
And let me prove, ain't a damn thang changed
Uh-huh, I'm thuggin' for my niggas, let it be heard
I represent the 9th no, disrespect to the Third
I got a obligation to show the world, how we thuggin'
How we does it, Orleans buzzers, I'll be there for you cousin
To smoke with you, choke with you, maybe crack a joke with you
Cause I use to be broke with you


We hustlas, we hustlas
Uh-huh, we motherfucking hustlas
I said we hustlas, nigga we hustlas
Uh-huh, we motherfucking hustlas

25 years of bullshit, 25 years of
Stashing rocks, under my lip
25 years of trying to get rich quick, trying to hit a lick
Trying to make a dolla, out of fifteen cents
I hustler harder than the average, kidnapping
And jacking, happens to be my favorite
See I did this on the regular nigga
I move swift like the Predator, nigga
To anialate my competitor, and to add to my decimals
See I ran with professionals, niggas
With big testicles, that's down for whatever
Put my life on the line, to keep my family straight
You niggas die when you in my way, motherfuckers


I did this here for my mo'fuckers, I ain't gon lie
I love you niggas from the bottom of my mo'fucking heart
9th Ward till the day I die, if a nigga can't respect that
Tell em stay the fuck out my face, cross the canal nigga

Autor(es): VAN MCCOY