I'll Be There

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Yo, baby, you ain't got to worry
Bout nothing, be my boo shh
You my main squeeze

I was wondering if I, could get with you
Then you, would be my boo
There's no limit, to things that we can do
You know I'll always be there
Go out with your boys, and run the streets
Don't care, bout who you meet
I know that you get hard, up on the ki's
No matter what, I'll be there

Come on and tell me, you gon' be there
And do the things, and let me know that you still care
You ain't tripping off, of knowing that I get around
That's why I'm digging you mama, because you still down
Yeah, we had our fuss and fights, but that's life
Leave mad, but I'm coming back home the same night
Say a couple things, to rub you wrong
It's make up time, baby tonight it's on
Something bout the way, that you making me feel
Keep me hustling, don't worry bout a damn bill
Just keep the loving coming, like when we touching stomachs
I get this chill up my spine, I'm so glad that that ass is mine
And just a sprinkle, of your voodoo
Got me hooked on, everything that you do
Yeah, that's why I believe in putting in over time
A fly precious the places, that gon' keep a nigga on your mind

Come on and scratch me, squeeze me
Tease me, don't give it to me easy
Sex games, keep the relations brand new oh
The way you dance in the dark, no way I'm leaving you boo
If you suck my soul, I'll play with your emotions
Belvedere on the rocks, will be the potion
The lust is getting greater, that I'm feeling inside
You like wine baby girl, you get better with time
I ain't satisfied, 'till you climax
It's all about you mama, is you feeling that
See I know, my woman's work
She's here when I'm happy, and here when I'm hurt
You make me want to stay home, leave my niggaz alone
'Cause you give a nigga the freedom, to go out and roam
You that twinkle, in a nigga's eyes
So I'ma do what's necassary, just to see you smile

When I'm out all times a night
Let me know girl (will you be there)
When I'm flying from state to state
Let me know girl (will you be there)
When I'm feeling like sexing you, from wall to wall
Let me know (will you be there)
When I'm feeling all down and out baby girl

No matter what, I'll be there

Autor(es): M. JOHNSON / B. O'HARE