Sky's the Limit

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Yo, Mama Mia.
A lot of people don't know where I came from.
But I betcha they know where I'm going.
Know what I'm sayin'?
Sky is the limit for me.

Sky is the limit
And I won't stop until I touch the top
And I won't stop till I reach the top

I'm thinkin' back on all the old days, so easy to reminisce
People pointed the fingers and said that Magic wouldn't be shit
Cause I hung out with all the wrong type of peeps
Five o'clock in the morning and I'm still in the streets
Just a bad motherfucker, my classroom was the hallways
I guess I had to learn the hard way
Only thing that ever mattered was that my peers respected me
Living fast at a young age so them hoes was sweating me
Thinkin' I'm a grown man
I'm holding rocks in my mouth, tryin' to survive in this crime land
I'm just hustling cause I never had
So these chips that I gained, I maintained, me and my pops past
I thank the Lord for blessing me, I owe you eternity
So I fall to my knees whenever I'm addressing him
You walked me down the right path
Even though my heart was in it
You made me realize that sky is the limit

Sky is the limit
And I won't stop until I touch the top
And I won't stop till I reach the top
And I'm not stopping, and I'm not stopping
Sky is the limit
And I won't stop until I touch the top
And I won't stop till I reach the top
And I'm not stopping

You know a sister went from sheets on the windows and matresses on the floor
To a house sittin on the acre with a lotta paper
Money market accounts, CD's and savings
Mutual funds, but I remember barely having ones
For real yall, George Washingtons
Had about five to get by for the whole week sometimes
Why, I used to cry to the lord
How a young black sister get it so hard
Two babies to raise all by myself, help wanted
I see the tank comin through so I jumped on it
And took a ride with some soldiers where the sky is the limit
No Limit, TRU for life and I'm a represent it
And now there's no more hungry nights
Or duckin from then niggas in the projects shootin out the lights
Ghetto flowers, your time is coming in a minute
So stand your ground and stay focused, sky is the limit


I'm a product of this cruel world so my life's a fact of misery
And in my sleep I'm paintin' pictures of my enemies
Ain't no stopping me cause of my status on the incline
And I'd die tryin' to get mine
Picture me a TRU nigga
Drinkin' Don Periogne, I'm affiliated with mob figures
And I'm loving this life of luxury
I'm in the passenger seat of a 98 Navigator with my nigga C
Talkin' over another million dollar hit
Another million dollar nigga is added to the click
Mo money mo clout, I guess we takin' over
The world is ours cause we No Limit soldiers
I thank the Lord for blessin' me
And lettin' nothin' stressin' me
And showin' me that TRU records was my destiny
And I'll be in the living legends, no gimmicks
A made nigga, cause the sky is the limit


Yo, I made this one here for all the ladies that wanna get with me.
All the niggas that wanna hate me.
Yeah, I got love for all y'all.
The biggest Mama Mia, Mr. Magic.
Yeah, ya all ready know sky is the limit for us.
Know what I'm sayin'?
Ha ha ha ha ha.
Y'all gonna be seein' a whole lot more of Mr. Magic.
Cause ain't no stoppin' this No Limit and TRU records shit.