So Tired

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I'm trying hard, just to find my way
(find my way, find my way)
Over and over to the Lord, I pray
(the Lord I pray, the Lord I pray)
I'm smoking weed, just to ease my mind
(to ease my mind, to ease my mind)
I'm steady debating, cause niggaz is hating
But Lord knows, it'll be alright

I'm trying hard, just to find my way
Hoping I can see, a brighter day
Over and over, to the Lord I pray
Hoping everything, will be ok
I'm smoking weed, just to ease my mind
Through all these tribulations, of my life
I'm steady debating, cause niggaz is hating
But Lord knows, it'll be alright

Before we get to whatever promised, no show together prize at the end for us
Simply convinced that the streets, is the only friend to us
Send us a comfort that'll, heal our hate
To raise what's great and expose what's fake, and pray that release is tired
But we don't, deserve to lead
Before complaining on the, difference from your want's and need's
I've been appointed my word and on it, help you through your high's and low's
Show you don't have to be afraid, no mo'
I love my sisters, but we done put em down sometime
Independent, easily baited by the things that shine
Crying inside completed perfect, beauty couldn't change what was issued
The love that she looking's for, one that this world can't give her
Rock on mama you're precious, nothing changed but life
Bang them pockets with your profit, comes a dangerous price
Shhh, hell couldn't keep us in shackles
We head over heals with the demons in back of us, sitting soldier for having


I'm sick and tired, of being sick and tired
And I'm sick of dealing with niggaz, and all these fucking liars
I keep my head in the sky, and pray that my niggaz make it
My pockets aching, you getting my way of life I'm taking
See I've been rapping too long, to say that I'm doing base I suppose to be balling
So please stay out my fucking face, welcome to the Vault nigga
We keep it gutter, but keep it real in the same breath
Quiet as kept, you niggaz ain't seen nothing yet
I humble my heart, hoping to keep this fire contained
The world pressured me to murder, I got's no one to blame
Still the same trying to change, but these streets calling
Hurting my own kind, cause Mr. Magic love balling
Hoping my mama, don't think she brought me or taught me to hate
She just delivered me it's in my heart, believe me it's faith
My mind is boggled at times, I sit and wait for the signs
God gon deliver this anger, give me a piece of mind


We in an everlasting struggle, the objective's to win my nigga
Nothing pretend, we'll worry with every spin my nigga
Treated my wounds, just took a second to heal neglect
Comfort the soul, that know the sun'll only shine a second
With no concerns in it, maybe we'll change in time
Shoot for the stars, and let what's artificial lag behind
Now I'll be careful, who I'm hurting while I choose my foes
Later the same hands I'll help, and to feed and clothe me
Be the life of whatsoever, I'm allowed to reach
Preposition to be the voice, of what's afraid to speak
Baptized in fire, called in the face of Christ
Till we expire, free to stumble at the steps of life
A cruel world said the ghetto, to be fast asleep
Vowing to never give us someting, we allowed to keep
For real and fake, same spot in a casket we
Grew old too soon and smart too late, you feel that