Throw Them Thangs

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[Kane & Abel]
Yo KL hook me up with some of that beats by the pound Kane and Abel
gangstafied guerrilla shit.
We start tightin' up on these niggas like a nigga been doin'.

Nigga we got the whole no limit motherfuckin' family representing.
Them niggas Kane and Abel am I my brothers keeper.
Got that fuckin' tank around your fuckin' neck nigga fuckin' right.

Throw them things, don't make me throw them things nigga
Throw them things, don't make me throw them things nigga
Throw them things, don't make me throw them things nigga
Throw them things, don't make me throw them things nigga

[Kane &and Abel]
My hustles still sick, set trip, bullets spin niggas flip
Hot slugs hit, that's it, rip that ass like some pump dick
Feel respect from my balls I don't pause for shit
I'm quick to empty my clip and hit the gas bitch
Drive by, four niggas thinkin' like they the shit
Bye bye, Mr. Kane bring the pain like project brings to the brain
My game is worth more then my weight in cocaine
Don't want to get wet, but bitch don't go outside in the rain
No Limit, we get respect for chin chacks and teks
Mob connects, tryin' to disrespect, save your breath
Cause I ain't met a motherfucker who can do that yet
On the edge of death like we the last real niggas left


(My turn now)
Respect my mind I'm ready to war with any nigga
Face me head up I gotta do that the hard nigga
You don't know where drama come from cause I'm with Kane & Abel
Twin motherfuckers that's definitely willing and able
Picture the pain we puttin' these niggas through
We got bitches hurtin' too, we runnin' through the whole fuckin' crew
I thought y'all knew, for any nigga that want to buck up
Get fucked up, I gotta forty five motherfucker


[Kane and Abel]
I split em, I hit em, then casket fit em
Left a nigga staggerin' like Roy Jones done hit em
When I cock my shit I'm a bust my shit
Scary niggas in your click ain't prepare for this
Double eye slugs and twelve gauge think this
Hit em with the AP 9 or the M 1 6
See niggas so scared casualties of wars
Hoes flippin' through the air like Dominique Dawes
Give me mine plus yours, strip down to the doors
Give me that chrome four four, I'm bout to pull a kickdoe

[Chorus: x2]

[Kane & Abel]
This is Kane and Abel and Mr. Magic nigga.
This ain't no motherfuckin' heckyl and jeckyl.
Motherfuckers tryin' to keep it real nigga.
Make a million in this shit.
They tryin' to kill other niggas but guess what.
Nigga run up, niggas gonna get more holes then a golf course bitch.
Niggas down south we bout it bitch.
We don't play no games nigga, ain't no talkin'.
Don't make me throw them things.