Indian Flute

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Oh come here shorty. i like you.
What? you like me 2?
I don't understand a word your sayin but let me talk 2 u.

I got my eyes on you (mera raja)
Baby let me tell you that you are tha truth (tu hai me raja)
I love you're Indian flute (mera raja)
O da da do da da do da da do (sing it to me)
Tu phil a mera milen antha (sing it to me)
Tu phil a mera pyar hua (sing it to me)
Darasa tu mein loo to kya (but i can't understand a word your sayin')

(Bari mujhe phil a hai ab bach na)
Baby I've been eyeing you away from afar
(Teri ake'o main kuch de ta)
Thanks for the props but to me you the star
(Nadin a kuw bol lun aaja)
Lets get it on tonight, why wait for tomorrow?
(Come on can you show me how bad you are?)
Aaja soniye mein pya kya, o


(Abito batana mein kya karoo)
Baby you sure you want to sleep next 2 'oo wen itz 3, all thatz on tha tv iz kung fu
Fuck around wit a nigga & end up on top of you
(Dooga hai ta zindagi hai tu)
you weren't tha first best believe fo sho there's been a few
(Come on bang tha music 'cause I'm feelin u)
Aaja soniye par kurta voo


(Tere baho mein ab pluleo)
Go slow and ill direct you're every move like a young benny boom after beatin' up your womb
No need to put on perfume baby girl you leavin' soon
(Kabhi mere paso jele aaja)
Nobody gotta no you're thong was maroon
(Tere huna)
you no afta 're creepin' out my room
(tu hi mera)
Just so youman don't assume
Sing it to him
(Kasise humara meruna)
Sing it to him
(Dumhese hum dono dewana)
Sing it to him
(Hum heeto hum muste kayo para to me loo to kya hua)



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