So into You

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I don't wanna playith your feelings girl,
Gotta be honest with you,
I been lying to you,
I've already gotta a girl
And I'm surprised all this time you couldn't tell
That's why ma fone is always off
And you gettin' the voice mail,
I don't wanna lose you at all
But I love you both
And what's funny is I think I love you the most
I'm so into you, something bout you, I'm feeling like I'm nothing without you

I'm so into you baby
It's so hit like sugar

You right
I know man
Yo I can see us settling down and you having ma baby boy
But I can't leave her she got ma baby boy
But deep down still I wanna be your baby boy
Man I feel like Joey in Baby Boy,
You don't realize that hurt you and I'm ashamed off it
Got a tattoo on ya breasts with ma name on it
Girlfriend I'm so selfish its true
I want ma cake and be bale to eat it to

I'm so into you baby
Its so hit like sugar