My Life Is at Home

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I was just thinking,
Most of last Wednesday.
I hope we're together
From here until doomsday.
We could be each others arms
Keep each other free from harm.
Cause when it's all stripped to the bone,
My life is at home.

Spring cleaning's coming,
To amuse the cold weather so
Put away your long johns,
All your thick sweaters
And we'll cut off all our winter hair.
Sit out on the lawn chairs.
And the sun forgets that we're here,
We forget our couriers.

But all the Luke warm weeks,
At 60 degrees.
Now we're hoping it's humid,
Show our sunburned knees.
Cause' once in a lifetime,
Once and a while,
The sun will shine on me.

It's Thursday I'm leaving.
Skip town I'm running,
There's cars and new faces
And jokes that aren't funny,
But we laugh at them anyway.
Do anything just to kill the day.
No matter how far that I go,
That's so far away.


And all the humid nights
Parked under street lights.
Now my baby's riding shotgun
In her knee high tights.
She looks like heaven,
And I feel like the devil,
In my Sunday whites.

Cause once and a while,
The sun shines on me.


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