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So she went to the bar on the corner
With some friends who were buried alive
And a man leaned over to tell her
That her luck had finally arrived
Said he drove a Cadillac
They could sneak out through the crack
And he'd never bring her back here again

Watched her finger twirl a circle in her drink
But if you think too much then you'll never decide
You end up like an ice cube sinking down to the bottom
So you do what you must to survive
So she walked out by his side
Two strange shadows in the night
Disappeared in the streetlights and were gone

And here I am
And here I am

"So where's it parked" she said "we've walked so far and I'm getting so tired"
And he looked like a crook who'd just been caught
He said "I don't own no Cadillac
Don't even own a paper sack
To carry the confidence that I lack... and my lies"

So she said "you know I just can't believe this"
He said "go ahead, just leave, I understand"
But instead she rested his head on her shoulder
But how could he love her with nothing to give her
But empty pockets and a crooked man?

Well she said "You can love me with your hands
You can love me with your eyes
You can love me with your voice
And your lies"

And here I am (repeat to fade out)

Autor(es): Trapper, Chris

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