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Outside the cemetery gate I wait for her to come
The midnight wind it whispers tales of forbidden lust
Longing impatiently the hour has arrived
Showered by rays of moonlight appears my summer bride
The full moon is haunting and stalking and preying
To witness the beauty my goddess will offer
Underneath the branches we frolic and worship
Each other forever, the dead as our witnesses
As I look into her eyes
I realize the demonic expressions
She guides my path through willow trees
And takes me to a candle lit paradise
It is within the walls of this palace
Of the dead, I drop to me knees
To worship the angel for which I've been waiting
To act my fantasies for all eternity
Undress me so slowly I want this moment to last
Forever my goddess to me you mean everything
Embracing and facing the fruits I choose to bear
I strip her in silence and lay her down beside me
Her vagina was the purest form of heaven on earth
Caressing with my tongue inside her taste so immaculate
It was so magical to lick my goddess clean
And she begged for could I resist
The tension was building as she was now begging
Embracing French kissing exploring her body
Erection accepting my princess was sucking
It felt so forbidden to try not to climax
I finally gave in to what fate had predestined
My body on top of hers sliding inside of her
With every stroke of my penis inside
I stare at the gravestones with nothing to hide
Grabbing her breasts and her ass so divine
I'm pounding my goddess so deep inside
She's screaming my name at the top of her lungs
As I kiss at her face while I pound and she cums
The orgasm strikes us both at once
Like thunder and lightening a sudden release
With such power to wake the dead
The passionate candlelit midnight encounter
We stare at the stars in the heat of the night

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