Walk Around

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(I walk around) Keep the mic on (acting strange, like a man in a daze)
I don't know what happened, son, I just lost my mind, son
It's like y'all, I wasn't strong, I couldn't hold it (people talking)
When I seen it, a nigga flesh on me, son, I can't really...
I couldn't hold it, g (I don't hear a word) I don't know, I'ma...
Nah, it went like this, nigga...

[Ghostface Killah]
It was him, the corner store, and a buttered roll
The shit dropped when I gave him two stomach holes
And one to the face, he fell sideways
I was up close, a part of his nose was stuck to my padres
Standing over him, shaking, kids screaming
He slapped my girl, that's the reason I was fiendin to lean him
Everything got, real slow, I ain't hear shit
My word, at least forty seconds, I seemed scared stiff
I pound him with the gun out, Big Den came, opened my hand
Removed the gun and the 6 speed, spun out
He floored it, past ninty on the B.Q.E.
I threw up all on his door, splashed his Gucci seats
I couldn't speak, I'm in a state of shock
About now they should be yellow taping the block and raid out my spots
Aiyo, I'm feeling a little bugged out, insane
I've lost my mind, people telling me "Ghost, you acting mad strange"

I walk around, acting strange, like a man in a daze
People talking to me and calling my name
Although I don't hear a word they say

[Interlude: Ghostface Killah - over chorus]
See what I'm saying?
I don't know, I just don't feel right, y'all, I don't know
I'm having flashbacks, feeling bugged out
Smoking mad cigarettes and shit
Nah, I don't wanna go in... I don't want the clank
I don't wanna go in the hospital, son
It's, yeah, don't... I just feel like I'm lost
In my own reality like, nah... know what I mean?
Even my face feel numb, son, I don't know...

[Ghostface Killah]
Flashbacks of me blowing his brains out
All I remember, my shirt, I couldn't get them god damn stains out
Oxy Clean sweep 'round the chest area, right hand side
I'm plucking off little pieces of meat
And my goons want me to bounce to Tennessee
But I said "No, I got these two snow bunnies in Venus Beach"
On the low, son, I sleep with the hawk, Denise from New York
'Round my man Killa way, where all the murders walk
Manhunt, police searchers, SWAT ran in my crib
Battering rams, early morning, you'll awaken my kids
Now my aunt gotta stay with whiz
She paranoid, having anxiety attacks cuz of these pigs
Plus my connect, they going crazy, they trying to slay me
I told 'em Friday I'd have they money, faggots trying to play me
I never eat up out a garbage can
I'd Larry Davis a cop, and if I make it alive, it was the father's plan

[Chorus x 2]

[Outro: Ghostface Killah - over chorus]
I ain't going nowhere, I ain't going nowhere, I'm aight
I'm aight, but I know one thing, if anybody touch me
I'm blowing they head smooth off, cops, connects, I don't give a fuck
Younahmean? They gon' feel a Eagle, they gon' feel that Desert
They gon' feel that bulldog, you know, I don't give a fuck
Don't put me in no mental clinics, ain't nothing...
Nahmean? If I make it out alive, , make it out alive, if not, fuck it!
I ain't, I ain't, yo... I can't take this shit no more, it's too hot
Nigga thinking I'm bugging out, I ain't bugging, I ain't bugging
Y'all niggaz'd bug out too if y'all had somebody flesh on you
Mothafucka, fuck y'all niggaz, I ain't going crazy
Sleeping on couches and shit, I'm going back outside
Fuck y'all niggaz, man!

I know I'd never sleep, worried about me
But they'd have to put me behind
Cuz when I make it, they'll never clone me
Just use me, I believe, I believe...

Autor(es): Capputo, Anthony / Coles, Dennis / Craig, Ora / Rice, Mack

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