Rollins Band

Black and White

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I've been around
Turned around
Made to see
New eyes burning in my head
Color bends
Liar friends
New eyes seeing the black and white
Ripped away
Burned away
Strength and beauty live
In the black and white
Black and white
Can't hide bright light
Shining through the darkest night

In the black and white

new eyes
Hate lies
Sun blind
Everything to see
Sun light
Blind light
Burned hollow
Burned clean
Everything to see
Find light
In dark
Blind eyes see
All the colors lie
I'm an only man

The lies hurt my mind so I think you understand
Color driven madness was all I used to see
Lving in the black and white
Breathing in the black and white
Being what there is to be
Seeing what there is to see
Is the only thing left for me
I'm living free in the black and white
Colors lie
Try to hide
You can't hide
In the black and white