Son of an Only Child

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Ripples in my soup's got me dreaming
Ten pounds on the side, baby's sitting nice
She's twenty-five, she's quite a sight
She lets me stay up till will see headlights
Oh, sugar drops, go the extra mile
When you're the son of an only child, yeah

Saturday night and I'm drinking
Some guy and the bar's got me thinking I'm cross
Oh, I'm cross
Hold me back
Hold me back like I'm about to attack
Oh, I'm yours
And I'm fucking wild
I'm the son of an only child, yeah, yeah

And I feel like celebrating
And they're only decorating
Sticking on the other draft, no doubt
And the baby-boomer's crying,
'Cause it's Champagne till they die, yeah
Stick it on the other side, out of shame

Taking all the toys off the counter
You've got something special about you, you hide
So come on, smile
You're such a mess
How can you be sad when you're simply the best?
Let's run away
In your daddy's car
I'm sick of singing 'bout my broken heart
I'm a rocket man
And I'm a juvenile
I'm the son of an only child, oh, yeah


Autor(es): Tom Peter Odell

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