Tom Zé

Defect 9: Juventude Javali

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The wine of open legs
soaks the offerings on the alter
Screams, sperm and hand-cuffs
The fury of pure lavender

Quarter estrus moon — oh
Timid fruit, nudity — chastity
Sneakers and tits, liquor — color
Fear, betrayal, desire — fright

If in youth everything rushes forward like a wild boar
this hot coitus is something I've already seen
I've seen, I've seen

Bacchus, hole, curve, grape I've already picked
Meta-mycosis itche, everyone one out for oneself
oneself, oneself

Tchaikovsky Arrastâo (Violin concerto in D major) and Arrastâo of the Middle Ages bourdons and antiphonies.

Autor(es): TOM ZE