Because of You

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Because Of You
I gotta go, get away
How I feel about you makes me wonder
If our love is true
You want to go, all the way
Could you wait a little bit longer
Cause I'm saving all my love because of you

Finally I found it
Someone that I really care about
Baby I believe that you're the one
Now I understand it
That I want you without a doubt
But now I gotta take some time alone

So much more than just a friend
It's the beginning not the end
I'll be there for you time and time again

I don't want to hurry
Even though I want to stay the night
Think I better leave it's getting late
You don't have to worry
You're the only one that's in my life
Everything will come to those who wait


When you're by my side
Don't want to let you go
Hold you so close to me
I don't want to hide
I try to let it show
But this is the way I feel ¨C oh baby