St Pancras

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I want you
There's not a single thing about you that I'd change
I need you
You can go swimming round and round inside my brain

You're so much brighter
Than all the shops and city streets
You're a fighter
And that shows who's good to me
Like a fool
I still believe in you and me boy

Hey you
Hey you
Don't waste your tears on me
Now think of love
It always gets you in the end

I'm sorry
I know I messed up quite a bit along the way
We learned things hard
and as soon as we forgot just how to play
But I wanna take ya
From all this grind and all this grief
Want to help ya
To be all that you can be
Chase it out
Your desire goes to me boy


We fall and we flounder
Need something to ground ya
Took so long to find ya
But then when it clicked you just flew
(Will I ever sing our song again?)

[Chorus: x2]

Don't go and break your heart
I always told you from the start
I'll always be a traveling man
Now think of love
It always gets you in the end