Montgomery Gentry

It Ain't About Easy

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He said, "beer works but liquor is quicker"
And he shot down that whiskey straight
He said, "I ain't no one but the secret is sunk,
Got get out of your own way"

I said, "my job sucks, I got a broke down truck
And feel like I'm spinning my wheels"
As the pool bars clicked, he pulled a lucky from his lips
He said, "son here's the deal"

This ain't about easy
It's about tough
It's about leaving the house
Before the sun comes up
The kicking, the cussing
No fussing, no fighting
Staying in love when the money gets tight
When you start in this world with a white eyed girl
A 20 dollar pawn shop ring
I know one thing
It ain't about easy

He looked from me from underneath
His VFW cap
He said, "you're long and green and full of dreams
What I wouldn't give for that"

I said "yeah but you know I ain't 30 years old
And I fell like I ran out of breathe
He said, "welcome to life son and you ain't alive
If you ain't breaking a sweat"


Well I played his hand and told him I was going home
He said, "remember son, the highs are high and the lows are low"


It ain't about easy


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