Order 1081

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A bomb went off this morning raining bodies on TV
They are blaming the insurgents; they are blocking off the streets
And the smoke is rising slowly from the barrel of a gun
The solution to disruption: Order 1081

Now the sunsets are incredible across Manila Bay
You can hear the bombers landing at the U.S. Air Force base
And somewhere in the distance, out beyond the setting sun
They will sign a proclamation: Order 1081

Now, we live down by the water in a shack that's made of wood
And the bankers need to huddle so they need some extra room
We will find us somewhere better; there's enough for everyone
Got a perfect explanation: Order 1081

I thought I ordered coffee, but they gave me 7-Up
Got to clear away these shanties and these ugly nipa huts
So the seeds of our great future, they can grow here when we're done
And it's clearly all because of Order 1081

For thirty days the rain fell--we were nearly washed away
The radio fell silent; nothing left to do but pray
And the senator he told us the guerrillas are on the run
And the reason they are hiding? Order 1081

They are planting plastic flowers on the seaside esplanade
The Pope is speaking Spanish, but we can't hear what he says
Got to stop all this confusion, got to wipe away this scum
And the way to make it happen: Order 1081

It's amazing that the soldiers somehow all know how to dance
It's amazing how the soldiers keep the creases in their pants
Now it's safe to walk the streets at night; a new world has begun
Everybody's sleeping soundly thanks to 1081

Autor(es): DAVID BYRNE

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