Warren Haynes

Mercy on My Soul

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A trust betrayed a rusty blade
Standing on edge
I walked a line, paid my fine
Hope I know the ledge
Actual facts, unnatural acts, sins they take their toll
The angel and the jinn and the beast within, the fight to take control


Lord, have mercy on my soul
On my soul, on my soul, on my soul

Lord, I need ya like a junkie needs his drugs
Need ya like a baby boy needs his hugs
Need ya like a flower needs the sun
I need you like D.M.C needs Run


Love you like a Eskimos love the cold
Love you like a miner man love his gold
Love you like a fisherman love the sea
Love you like the flowers love the bees


Standing up tall on top of the wall
Hoping I can fly Angel and the jinn
and the beast within' say I'm gonna die



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