Sondre Lerche

All Luck Ran Out

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They were seen high-jacking someone's car
They drove far away
And it's in the news, the papers too
It's all around

Some of us already knew the truth
They call it salvation for the street
I'll make sure you'll come clean

It never happened before when we were playing
It's serious now, cause someone's luck runs out tonight
It's a terrible fright, yeah


They came here to steal the things they like:
Computer equipment - mechanical stuff
Cause we've have enough
We give it away

But someone left the scene of way too soon
It is tremendous in a way
We've never seen it in our street

It never happened before when we were playing
Now TV-shows - talking all they're saying now
Our luck runs out tonight

It's this simple: you believe - someone gives and you receive
But somewhere along the way our luck ran out again


Now they live in nevernever-land
Claiming they're tourists
They light up the crowd
And don't talk so loud

But I'm sure we will see their brothers soon
Already racing to be first
They find it hard to adjust

It never happened before we have been playing
Let's do it again, forget what I've been saying now
Your luck runs out tonight

(Our luck runs out tonight,
Our luck ran out tonight X 4)


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