Judey On A Street

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All day I'm gonna hit on the drum
Takes a little time for her to come
You're just a girl on a street
Ah, take it away

Walk around, what d'you say?
That how the whole world sadly sung
While you were wishing you were young
You're just a girl on a street

The snow it softly falls outside
And you're watching it, spacing out
And you're lying on your side
You wanna get involved in prayer
As for the church, you don't know where

You're just a girl on a street
You're just a girl on a street

With your hair going gray
Eyes like greenish macramé
Hey, the record goes like

I drove in my new sedan
Rain hit my windshield like an open hand
I headed north in a haze of speed
I knew exactly what we need
I stood in a church with a shield on the sign
The smell of incense in the aisles
I felt like a giant spinning wheel
And I know how the minister must feel
And when his wife takes off her gown
And then she lets her long hair down
Lit by the world that's going round

She's just a girl on a street
She's just a girl on a street
She's just a girl

Once I died in a dream
And the world without me went fine
And then years went by
Take me to that city in the sky
The clouds are aquamarine
The architect remains unseen
I'll live my life out on your street
Up where the bluebirds fly

Help me to the other side

And when I get to the other side
I'll give those harp strings a strum
I'm gonna hit on that drum
I'm gonna wait for my girl to come
You know it takes a little time

Autor(es): Will Robinson Sheff

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