Billy Ray Cyrus

The Biginning

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That day
The day that you walked through
My life's door
Every need that I was prayin' for
Was gone

I love
I love that you love me
For who I am
And I smiled because
That ring on your hand
Means I'm luncky man

'Cause I know what I've been living for all this time
I swear I could die right now
Haven't lived a life
Just think, it was only the beginning

That night
The night a little girl
Would change our life
You looked up at me
And cried and smiled
As we held our child

I fell
I fell in love with her
Blue eyes and curls
And I swear to God
There's nothing in this world
I won't do for that girl

Now the kids will grow up
And grow kids of their own
And the day will coem
When Ill be gone
When there's nothing left
But pictres and stories
I'll pray to God
They'll know who to give the glory

'Cause I know what I've been living for all this time
And I swear, if I died right now
I've lived a life
Just think, when I see
Just think, you know I'll be
Just think, when I'm standing in His grace
It is only the beginning

Autor(es): WALLIN JACK L

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