Hold on

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Stay calm afraid
Stay warm away
Say god again?
Stay calm, my friend

Say no and nobody knows
Say god, young blood in your heart!

Hold On!

'Say god' again
'Say calm' again
Say god and then...
Say god, can you hear what I'm saying?

I'd go where nobody'd go
Hearts bleed, they want to be free!

Hold On!
Hold On!

Say tomorrow you'll capture me the morrow...
Please just let this boy go home

Yes it's true

Yes it's you

...Hear what I'm saying?

I'll go where nobody goes
Heart bleed, we want to be free!!!

Hold On!
Hold On!

Hold On! ('Cause I love you, yes I love you...)
Hold On! ('Cause I love you, yes I love you...)

...Yes it's true my love grows

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