Gucci Mane

Atlanta, GA

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Oh yeah
You know where I'm from, you know where I stay
Nigga, I'm posted in the A
Sittin low in my phantom ridin high
Every time I ride by
Nigga, I'm the shit
But not like this
Up in this bitch
A-T-L-A-N-T-A, nigga, I can do this all day

You know where I'm from, you know where I stay
Polo down to my socks, I'm posted in the A
My chevy sittin low, my phantom ridin high
Them A's go up every time I ride by
Shawty whats up, I'm the shit
Yea you can do it, but not like this
Westside up in this bitch
A-T-L-A-N-T-A, I can do this all day

Let me take you through the streets of Atlanta, GA
Where we party all night til the mornin break
Velvet Room Sunday, Magic City Monday
Two Dolla Tuesday, yeah you know Shawty coming
Body Tap Wednesday, Pure on Thursday
Bottles on ice in case the girls get thirsty
Esso Friday, goons in the lobby
They told me don't hurt nobody
Crucial on Saturday, stationed while you askin me
Headed to the door bout to see whats happenin'
So when we in the spot, yea, you know we clown
Peace up, A-town down

When we began the whole world started hatin on us
Now every time we drop the whole world waitin on us
Now when you talk we in the best of ya five
They sayin hip hop dead, I say we kept it alive
A-Town and don't you eva get it confused
Cause we the ones that sold it to the dude that sold it to you
First album out the trunk I started makin some bills
And in 6 short years I sold 15 mil
Act a fool in College Park, went to School in College Park
Bought a crib in College Park, and still live in College park
You can't tell me nothing, so f*** what you say
I wasn't born but I'mma die in Atlanta, GA

Had city on my back, but now I wear it on my neck
800 thousand dollars worth of diamonds just to flex
That Wayne Williams shit was sick, Sidney Dorsey trial was thick
Love Atlanta; give a million up just to get back Michael Vick
They said that this the land of strippers, but look all our girls are thick
She so fine, don't dance nowhere, but I feel that she need a tip
If Gucci give you 16 then its just like 20 bricks
Off the sidewalk A's up the touch, Zone 6 off in this bitch
And if ya can't get out at 6, I remember hand em bricks
Sendin thug thousand loots, seen the police then I sprint
I done been around the world probably 3 times
I'm still gonna end up on on the east side

A-T-L-A-N-T-A, I can do this all day
See LA put me on, then I cracked up on that come on
Anything that run up get done up
All of the girls in the A got that lil A up in the Honda
And a bitch love me cause I keep they girls up in the humma
You know I keep my government name all in ya CD changer
I wrote every song that you like don't look at me like I'm a mothafuc*** stranger
And I shout out my city every time I write a hit
Umbrella ella ella ehhh

{?*The Dream ad-libs until fade*}?