Frank Zappa

Ian Underwood Whips It Out (Live On Stage in Copenhagen)

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My name is Ian Underwood and I am the straight member of the group.
(Ha ha ha)
Wowie zowie

One month ago I heard The Mothers of Invention at the theater
I heard them on two occasions
And on the second occasion I went up to Jim Black and I said,
"I like your music, and I'd like to come down and play with you."

Two days later I came up to the recording session
And Frank Zappa was sitting in the control room.
I walked up and said, "How'd you do, my name is Ian Underwood
and I like your music and I'd like to play with your group."
Frank Zappa says, "What can you do that's fantastic?"
I said, "I can play alto saxophone and piano."
He said, "All right, whip it out."

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