Audra McDonald

Some Days

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Some days worry
Some days glad
Some days
More than make you mad.
Some days,
Some days, more than shine:
When you see what's coming
On down the line!

Some days you say,
Oh, not me, never - !
Some days you say
Bless God forever.
Some days, you say,
Curse God, and die
And the day comes when you wrestle
With that lie.

Some days tussle
Then some days groan
And some days
Don't even leave a bone.
Some days you hassle
All alone.

I don't know, sister,
What I'm saying,
Nor do no man,
If he don't be praying.
I know that love is the only answer
And the tight-rope lover
The only dancer.

When the lover come off the rope today,
The net which holds him is how we pray,
And not to God's unknown,
But to each other - :
The falling mortal is our brother!

Some days leave
Some days grieve
Some days you almost don't believe.
Some days believe you,
Some days don't,
Some days believe you
And you won't.

Some days worry
Some days mad
Some days more than make you glad.
Some days, some days,
More than shine,
Coming on down the line!
Coming on down the line!

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