Crazy Happy

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Asked my heart
If I'd ever want to fall again
Knowing it was shaky from the start
Big mistake
Learned something new about myself
And wondered how long this goodbye would take

There we were just wanting to be friends
Helplessly hopelessly falling
What people say and every sweet cliche'
All true at that moment
When you surrender to it
It happened to be

How did I find you
Crazy, crazy happy baby
I think it's crazy
I'm so glad that crazy happened to me

On my own
Never quite the way it's supposed to be
Surrounded in a crowded room alone
Now I know
All that I was ever praying for
Appeared except my eyes refused to see

And I never worry 'bout the way things might have been
'Cause the gods decide just how it's gonna be
When you least expect it
"This is it" they said "it's time to believe"

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