Alexis Jordan

If The Sky Is Falling Down

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What I wouldn’t give to
Res a lover …
What I wouldn’t give to
Heat you harder than you thought I could
With the pillow

Can we stop just for a second?
Cause you got as feather in your eye
I get it out and you kiss me
I smile and we get back to our pillow fight
Man that sounds nice


If the sky begin to fall
We won’t even notice
It wouldn’t bother us at all
If the world came to an end
Nothing .. us two
When I’m lying around with you (repeats)
What I wouldn’t give to
Cook you dinner from the microwave

What I wouldn’t give to
Buy the popcorn and you telling me: that’s ok
And then you need to go to the store
And it’s too much to me
Though I know it will only be a minute
And then you come back to the door
With a bag full of foods we’re not supposed to eat
That’s a night that couldn’t be beat


I wanna be in your arms
Where no harm could ever come my why
I wanna be where you are
Near far every night and day